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About Us

Empire Furniture USA was established to serve high quality product, and value-based prices for US based customers. At Empire Furniture we have a long history of great product being delivered with great service. Empire Furniture is just another proof of our commitment to quality service and product. We have warehouse in New Jersey, we are just a day’s delivery from any East Coast City. Our warehouse has a full sampling of all of Empire Furniture’s best selling Click-Clacks, Sofa beds. The focus is on selection, and value. Empire Furniture is intent on making it easy to put a Click-Clack on your floor. The fabric and product selection have been specially designed to optimize your sales. Each piece has a specific value range that makes it easy to promote. The Click-Clack is an easy to sell item.

About Products

In this century, most of the people who are living in Metro cities or in small living units don’t have sufficient space for huge, long sofas . So they need a regular sofa or couch , as well as they need a bed and extra storage units for daily use . Buying all these three needs at the same time may not be easy or affordable when needed.

It is a perfect solution for small rooms in houses, studio type of houses ,apartments, condominiums, finished basements used daily bases or kids rooms . It is a sofa , an extra bed and a hidden storage ergonomically convertible. All these benefits coming with 3 features available on every sofa beds and are supplied on an affordable price level to consumers.

Most of the products are made with inner-spring units ,supported with different filling materials. Some of them have high resilience foam layers instead of inner spring units. This feature differs according to style and how the functions are placed in to the unit. Main frame is made with steel tubes which strengthen product for multiple and continuous daily use. By the help of foam, fiber and other filling materials , product gets the final comfort. Regarding these all needs and expectations , Sit ,Store and Sleep come up in the sofabeds. The Store part is not visible at first sight , it is hidden under the different designs, colors, functionality and fabric of choices. With a short education and transfer of information to the buyer will help a lot for the customers to learn the functions. It is strongly recommended to display the convertibility on the floor. So the customers will pay attention to the item and communication will start shortly.

All the functions are easy and user friendly . Sofas can be converted in to bed or storage units can be used with least physical effort. The voice softly coming out of mechanism will guide you while functioning perfectly. When you lift up the seat unit from the front side just by help of one hand, you will hear the first voice of mechanism which informs that sofa is ready to converted in to bed. So why we are calling that also Click Clack sofabeds.

Same way, mechanism sounds twice to inform that the sofa is ready to get back sitting position. There is no cover to tidy up after usage , so it is very practical for daily usage. On some sitting groups , the beds incorporated in sofas in the form of folding bed functioning in and out. In this case ,the storage function placed under the loveseat units.